About Us

QIEST Profile & History

Either Pipeline, Gas & Petroleum Equipment Inspection OR Hydro, Solar, Wind, Power & Atomic Plant OR Industrial Automobile, Mechanical, Electrical & Electronic Equipment OR Consumer, Food & Agricultural Products, we offer Residence & Ad hoc based quality inspection operations, Factory Audit, and Expediting & Commissioning Inspection Services with the support of highly experienced & industry certified engineering leader’s enables innovative, safe and reliable on-site operations and processes ensuring your product safety, quality improvement and brand strength.


We are Quality Inspection & Engineering Services Thailand - QIEST CO., LTD. founded as a part of Thai Group Of Companies to support Quality Inspection and Engineering services throughout South East Asia, Japan and Europe. Industry experiences made us first Thai Independent Inspection Body (2nd and 3rd Party) offering NDT, Industrial Equipment and Consumer Products residences, Ad Hoc based, Expediting & Commissioning Inspection Services. in the following industries,

  • Pipeline, Gas, Petroleum and related industries  
  • Hydro, Solar, Wind, Power/Atomic Plant, Water Plant and related industries
  • Industrial Mechanical, Automobile and related industries  
  • Electrical, Electronic and related industries  
  • Food, Agriculture, Consumer Goods and related industries
QIEST is operating and controlled under the direction of President, COO/MD, Directors, Independent Directors, and Highly Skilled Engineering Leaders and team who are completely independent of all manufacturing and other production related concerns.



Since 2016-2017, QIEST globalised to India, Middle East, China, Russia, Taiwan, Korea, Bangladesh and Pakistan including Europe, South East Asia, and Japan.
Quality Policy 
We are committed to becoming the leading service provider of Quality Inspection & Engineering Services. Rapid & reliable 3rd Party Quality Inspection Services at Great Value on Quality, international standard focusing on the continuous perfection & quality improvement for utmost clients satisfaction.