What is TIS Certification (Thai Industrial Standard)?

Aug 25, 2015

Natinal standards development TISI develops both mandatory and voluntary Thai Industrial Standards (TlS) to suit the need and the growth of industry, trade and economy of the country. Standards are developed according to the government policy in consumer’s protection, industrial promotion to be competitive in the world market, environmental protection and natural resources preservation.

 International standards development TISI participates in the development of international standards of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), the International Electro technical Commission (IEC) and the FAO/WHO Foods Standards Programme.

Product certification according to TlS The product certification schemes of TISI consists of 2 types with different certification marks. They are voluntary certification mark and mandatory certification mark

Voluntary certification mark


Mandatory certification mark

Product registration According to the Cabinet resolution, TISI carries out product registration as a kind provisional certification for products of which standards have not been established.

Foreign inspection body To facilitate trade, TISI is designated foreign inspection body of the standards institutes of several countries such as Japan (JIS mark), Germany (VDE for electrical appliances), Sri Lanka, the Philippines and South Africa (for surveillance scheme).

Green Label TISI, in co-operation with the Thai Environment Institution, carries out Green Label Scheme by which certified product can bear green label. This is the measure to reduce pollution in the environment as well as to encourage manufacturers to use clean technology. (Reference: Thai Industrial Standards Institute)

How QIEST Help For TIS Certification Process?

With our in-depth knowledge and experience concerning TIS certifications we help our clients to get their TIS certificate faster and without difficulty.

Help, preparation & correct Samples for Testing 

Help, preparation & correct Quality Control System Documents

Help, preparation & correct Document Submission

Conduct Pre-Audit to evaluate Production Site and overall Factory quality system

Prepare & maintained quality system as per TIS requirements

Prepare & maintained factory test equipment and records as per TIS requirements

Advice on how to choose an authorized Inspection Body (IB) and certified test lab