Electrical Equipment Inspection

Industrial Electrical Equipment & Products Inspection Scope & Witness Testing Checklist

QIEST inspect Industrial Electrical Equipment & Products ranging from electric cables to Control panels, Switch, Diode, Capacitors, Circuits, Power-board, power generators, electric motors, transformers, switch-gears,  circuit breakers, fiber optical cables, etc. for Petroleum, Gas, Pipeline, Automobile, Mechanical, Consumer Goods and related industries.


  • Verify and review Mandatory Certificates and Reports such as,  AC/DC source drawing and limit, Material Certificate, Chemical Composition, Equipment Calibration Certificate, Batch number, License, Verify approved inspection procedure, Certificate number ,Witness & review records, Dielectric test records  and Additional Client Requirements. 
  • Verify and review Inspection Documents, Engineering Specification & Drawings such as, Mechanical & Electrical Properties Specification, Approved Drawing, Agreed Inspection Scope, Special Inspection Instruction, Inspection Checklist, Testing Procedures, Painting Specification, Purchase Documents and Additional Client Requirements. 
  • Dimensional Inspection to verify and check each size and interface connection conforms to the approved drawing, specification and values are within the defined tolerances and Additional Client Requirements. 
  • Visual Inspection to check and verify equipment or product design is in accordance with approved specification, standards and drawing such as, electrical circuit, wiring, wire markers, wiring assembly, wire color markers, labels, power cable, wire order, connection tighten, earthed terminal, control circuit, electric wire insulation from metal,  polar identification , ground cables, instruments, measuring instruments, compartments and control switches rating and positions, name plate and label description, size and position, mark band, crimp, door hinge, distortion on board, electronic cards, power, control, measurement wiring, switching power supply, lighting, door switch, socket/terminals, fans, AC/DC power distribution, LED and Additional Client Requirements. 
  • Construction Inspection to check and verify Notable defects, equipment or product outer/inner surface, damaged device components, mounting and Additional Client Requirements
  • Painting inspection to check and verify surface finish, color code/order, inspect paint color at inside and outside surface and Additional Client Requirements
  • Electric wires materials protection and safety verification
  • Electrical components installation verification and mechanical checking
  • Electronic components installation verification
  • Mechanical operation such as locking facility, doors, mechanisms and additional client requirements
  • Packing, marking and shipping and Additional Client Requirements


  • Pre-Fat Test
  • Dielectric Test
  • Insulation Test
  • Functional or Sequence Test- Ac Components
  • Functional or Sequence Test Dc Supply
  • Functional Test-Equipment or Product
  • Continuity Test
  • Under Voltage Test
  • Power Distribution Test  
  • Keypad Test
  • Gps and Alarm Test
  • Cross Triggering Test
  • Fr Functional Test
  • Ground Fault Test
  • Operation Test
  • Additional Client Requirements