Consumer Goods Inspection

Hard-Line & Soft-Line Consumer Products Pre-Shipment or Cargo Inspection Scope & Witness Testing Checklist

QIEST inspect Consumer, Food and Agriculture products ranging from Hard-Line & Soft-Line. QIEST "Pre-Shipment Inspection" or "Final Random Inspection" or "Cargo Inspection" is conducted on the premises of the manufacturer and takes place when the product is complete, packed and ready to be shipped. Based on the sampling plan (AQL), our inspectors randomly select product samples and make sure that product quality conform to specified quality standards.

If there is any testing required, we can manage these requirements through witnessing at the factory according to the clients instructions or through our association with local independent laboratories. The laboratory or test centre is chosen based on type of tests, lead time and price. With our Final Random Inspection you will get an exact understanding of your goods and it enables you to accept or reject the shipment even before they have left the production site.


  • Material Inspection
  • Visual Inspection
  • Dimension Inspection
  • Weigh Check
  • Witness Testing
  • Additional Client Requirements