QIEST Services

Quality control and manufacturing standards in pipeline, oil, gas, power, solar and water industries, OR Industrial Automobile, Mechanical, Electrical & Electronic Equipment/Products OR food, agricultural, consumer industries are paramount to industry and business stability, especially as the equipment and products quality in Asia becomes poorer, unstable and unreliable. 

QIEST consistent and high standard quality control and inspection services make us a first choice for global clients aimed at assuring their production quality across entire South East Asia, including India, China, Pakistan and Bangladesh. In Asia, we are supporting international buyers to control their supplying factories quality standards, diminish language barriers and run reliable production operations with the support of trained, experienced and qualified technical inspectors and engineers team. QIEST is playing crucial role helping global buyers become more efficient in their project quality control, execution and delivery. Our inspection services help them to conquer issues related to production schedules and cost saving by reducing defected products and factory visits. However, when on-site quality related problems arise, we help clients to identify defects quickly and perform verificationagainstequipment or products engineering specification in order to avoid decision-related issues and conflicts with manufacturers or suppliers.

Services We Offer,

  • 2nd Party and 3rd Party Quality Inspection Services 
  • Factory Audit 
  • Expediting & Commissioning Inspection Services
  • Inspection & Certification Body Support
  • Consulting Services 

Industries We Cover,

  • Pipeline, Gas & Petroleum Related
  • Hydro, Solar, Wind, Power & Water Plant Related
  • Industrial Mechanical & Automobile Related 
  • Industrial Electrical & Electronic Related
  • Food, Agriculture & Consumer Goods Related

Global Support, Europe including UK, Russian Federation, Middle East, South East Asia including Thailand, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, China, Taiwan and Korea

We offer customised quality inspection services based on industry experience and your checklist, ensuring the overall quality of your equipment and products. We support on-site witness testing and verification of international production standards and safety marks to assure the entire range of mandatory and agreed quality standards, which shall be met by operations, equipment, products, machinery, systems and documents.

Call us today to consult with our technical consultant team how QIEST quality inspection & engineering services can assure that your products, machinery and equipment have been manufactured and operated in compliance with all agreed specifications and international standards.